Friday, December 12, 2014

Coriander Leaf

I came to know Coriander Leaf when we treated a friend for a cooking class as our "bridal shower". So when looking for somewhere interesting to catch up with some friends, thought about going here for dinner. Dishes here are inspired by countries such as Lebanon, Iran, Pakistan, India, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

TBT: Eraserheads Singapore Concert August 2010


Throwback Thursday - EraserHeads in Singapore 2013

When I first heard that EraserHeads are back together I was so happy! EraserHeads is like the Beatles of my generation and their albums were the anthem of my High School and College life. I was so stoke when I heard that they were going to have a concert here in Singapore, however I wasn't so sure if I can make it, because it was sandwich in a 4 day weekend holiday and I don't know if I would be flying somewhere.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Chiso ZanMai

Chiso ZanMai didn't sound japanese to me when my friend invited us to celebrate his birthday lunch here. For a japanese buffet, I find their price reasonable and the variety is there. Overall experience is quite pleasant, the ambience if i can sum up in one word is 'white'. The view outside of the singapore river and clark quay is nice, even during the day.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tokyo - Day 5


Day 5

Our last day in Tokyo, Japan. So while the other girls have other plans, my roomie Mai and I decided to do some last minute touring. Ladies day out for enjoying our last day in Tokyo...

We visited the Meiji Shrine which is in the middle of a busy city. What I like about Tokyo is that one minute you are walking in well cemented pavement and the next you are like marching under huge trees like a forest

Monday, December 8, 2014

Tokyo - Day 4


Day 4

Good morning Tokyo, with the beautiful weather today, the ladies went to Lake Kawaguchiko. And I was heading off to meet some friends who were also in Tokyo for the cherry blossoms. Weeeeee...

Met up with Padudels near the Tsukiji Market Station. He pulled an all-nighter to wait for the market to open and queued for Sushi dai. And was also nice enough to take some sushi for me. Yum! Yum! Lots of sushi freshness in a box.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tokyo - Day 3


Day 3

Ohayou Tokyo!

We were all set to go to Mt Fuji, but as what some of my friends have told me before, vacation in Tokyo won't be complete without experiencing the Tokyo rain - gust of wind, grey skies and pouring rain. Can't say we weren't warned, Accuweather was already forecasting it days before for Tokyo and cities nearby. It was so accurate that when it was predicting strong winds, a gust of wind will blow me away, *LOL*. Ok I'm exaggerating a little. We still tried to push for Lake Kawaguchiko hoping to maybe see a glimpse of Mt Fuji, but the nice lady selling the bus ticket said that we won't be able to see anything because rain clouds will just cover the mountain

Friday, June 13, 2014

Tokyo - Day 2

Day 2

Ohayo Gozamasu Tokyo!

Our schedule for the day is to go around Tokyo, so we got an unlimited ride of the Tokyo Metro. The machines are quite easy to use - first thing we look for is the button 'ENGLISH', then we are all set

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Tokyo - Day 1

Day 1

Let me start by saying that five (5) days is really not enough to enjoy Tokyo, Japan. Maybe ten (10) or more days would be a relaxing free and easy, but never the less we have manage to maximise our short but sweet vacation in Nippon.

Sleepless night… It was a long day at work and the procrastinator that I am left all the packing at the last minute. Days before I would set aside some stuff I knew I wanted to bring but in the end I spent the whole night packing. In fear of not waking up on time for our flight I only took a 30 min nap then got ready for the 5:30am flight *yawns*. By 4am we were in the airport to checkin Delta. It was actually a flight to the US with a layover in Tokyo, then it was fresh after the MH370 went missing, so if you put the two together - immigration checks was a little tighter than usual.

It was my first time flying Delta. For a huge Boeing plane, its a full flight mostly tourist who had their vacation in this tiny little dot in South East Asia. Yiieeee even though I had a sleepless night and tired, inside I’m really quite excited to be vacationing in the land of the rising sun

Saturday, May 24, 2014

1 Market By Chef Wan

I came to know 1Market when we had a colleagues financial year end get together sometime mid last year. So when I was looking for a place last Christmas to celebrate with the family, it was a nice surprise that price for 1Market is one of the affordable ones to celebrate the holiday. Buffet Buffet!

Its dominantly Malay and Chinese-Malay food, then there is Japanese, and a few Indian-Malay food and lots of sweet desserts. It was quite filling. I went for 7 rounds of small portions not to get full so easily and have chance to pick on several things that I like. I'm not a huge eater so for buffet (like this) to be worth it, I go for the 'expensive' food first as well as those that are usually uncommon.

What's nice about eating here is that I have spend it with family for the holidays

Monday, April 28, 2014


&Made is a product of 3 Michelin starred Chef Bruno Ménard. I chance upon this when I was researching for Michelin starred restos and/or chef's setting shop here in Singapore - Yes, I have a goal in dinning in everyone of them.

The name is a humoured way of how the french pronounce 'handmade'. And true to its name and tagline 'Everything is handmade'- nice. Its also interesting that restaurant's theme is french-american dinner - it made me want to put on some roller skates *heeheehee*. I ordered The 'B' Burger and &Made salad. I didn't know the salad was huge and for sharing! The burger was really really nice, I could have used some beer but it was too early in the day - although I should have gotten a hint when I saw the caucassian guy sitting at the table across mine, drinking a glass of wine, I though it was just him. I love the fries too. Its a place that I would love to come back for a tasty burger

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Akashi - Vivo City

Have been in Akashi several times in Vivo city for lunch. Its a bit pricey for a lunch choice but I don't mind the occassional expense as the food here is nice. Plus I love Japanese food! The salmon and tuna taste fresh and i love the breading of the Tonkatsu *yum yum*.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


We have all heard that its been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day... to me I learned to grab one because you never know if you'll get stuck with some meeting in the morning till late in the afternoon. So this would be my usual breakfast at work - a bowl of porridge or blueberry pandcakes and egg. So if you happen to passby our area and smell porridge, I probably be one of the guilty ones *heeheehee*

So thats for weekdays, but if there is anything I love waking up early for the weekends is having brunches and these are the few places in the lil red dot that I have visited once or maybe more than once just to chill and maybe catch up with friends.

Siem Reap - Day 4

Day 4

Time for my personal R&R. Since my flight is departing earlier than Manoy and Dane, I decided to stay at the hotel and chill. Enjoyed a hearty breakfast with Manoy and Dane. They finished filling up their post cards and passed it to me. Then they made a move for their final day trip.

I headed to lounge by the pool. I finished filling up post cards. Which I left at the reception to be dropped at the post office. To date though, none of our recepients have received it. I checked with the hotel and they did say it was already mailed. Oh well.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Siem Reap - Day 3

Day 3

This day is exceptionally packed too! Call time is 5:00am so that we can catch the sunrise. If we knew that the hotel will do a little boo boo on our packed breakfast we could have gone down a little earlier. Note to those who want to catch the sunrise, Siem Reap hotel that has breakfast included in the room would be nice enough to pack your breakfast with you, just need to advise them the night before. Its quite common for hotel guest to leave really early to catch the Angkor Wat sunrise. Our hotel given that its new, got a little delayed with prepping up the breakfast, thus we were running late in our ETD. But this didn't dampen our spirts... off to the temples!

Bring flashlight because its really pitch black, I did like that the kept it that way, I think having lights at the temple would ruin its facade. The good spot to be in is at the left side of Angkor Wat because when the sun shows up, it will have a good reflection in the temple. Just too bad that there are hundreds of people that are already there so I couldn't take pictures without someone's hand or camera in there. It was so amazing to see the sky turn from black to purple to blue