Monday, March 24, 2014

Siem Reap - Day 1

Been planning a trip to Indochina for as long as I can remember but finding folks who are willing to backpack seems to be a little challenging… Its either they have already done it (makes me feel the last person on earth who haven’t been) or weren’t really keen on backpacking.  So when I finally found some travel buddies willing to go to one country in Indochina I immediately grab the opportunity to book a flight and time travel. Destination city – Siem Reap, Cambodia for Angkor Wat. Travel Buddies – Dane Z and Manoy


Day 1
Flying from Singapore, Jetstar travels direct to Siem Reap 3 times a week – Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday, Which was perfect because CebuPacific coming from Manila also travels direct on the same days. It’s a fine and sunny Thursday morning I took a bus and a hand carry bag and found myself a little giddy taking a flight to travel back in time. Ecstatic for my first travel for the year (last before I turn a year older) I was reaching Siem Reap a couple of hours ahead before the Manila flight. My flight’s ETA 3:00pm (Manila flight ETA was 10:00pm) local time. I wasn’t sure if Siem Reap is a popular tourist destination or just because there was a limited flight, but I found myself in a full flight and I must say that there were quite number of Caucasians in the flight with me.