Saturday, April 19, 2014


We have all heard that its been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day... to me I learned to grab one because you never know if you'll get stuck with some meeting in the morning till late in the afternoon. So this would be my usual breakfast at work - a bowl of porridge or blueberry pandcakes and egg. So if you happen to passby our area and smell porridge, I probably be one of the guilty ones *heeheehee*

So thats for weekdays, but if there is anything I love waking up early for the weekends is having brunches and these are the few places in the lil red dot that I have visited once or maybe more than once just to chill and maybe catch up with friends.

Artichoke cafe & bar
The belly, the salmon, and the cheese... All getting thumbs up for me. Although I'm a self confessed pork lover and a little bit lactose intolerant, between the three I've tried I think the cheese gets my vote. Its like a tofu+mozzeralla bar which is nicely grilled and melts in your mouth. The place is quite hidden, it's like you wouldn't know the place unless someone local will take you. Right at the corner of Middle Road an WaterLoo, I've passedby this area a couple of times before but never noticed that there was a nice place to eat brunch anc catch up with friends.

Gastronomia da paolo
Cronuts! I don't really understand what the fuss was about. Its nice but I wouldn't queue especially on cold weather for this. Fortunately, its not cold here and there's also no queue. But it's not just the cronuts that makes Gastronomia a nice place to have brunch it. I like the English breakfast with scambled eggs. And they do have a lot of cakes, Tiramisu is nice but the Hazelnut is my favorite.

It's one of those places that you know about but just don't go there often. There are a couple of these in Manila, so surprized when I saw one when I got here. Did a little research (a.k.a. google) and found out that this actually came from Australia with the concept of European style cafe

There was a queue when I got to their park mall outlet but there is order in the chaos. Just need to find the board by the door write your name, how many seats you need, and your number. They will give you an SMS/call when a seat is available. Fancy fancy spending money on a call or sms, but you might have an issue if you are not local and might have not a local number. I do like their crispy bacon. And they make their own jam - fancy

Wild Honey
This is probably, the longest I have to queue. So I would recommend not to go here with an empty stomach because you wouldn't really know when you will be able to seat. But never the less, the hype still peeked my curiosity. After an hour of queing I finaly made it. Ordered my usual pick for brunch which is English Breakfast meal and tea, and also portabello mushrooms. Their bread was really lovely, it has the cripy sound when you break the bread, the white part is soft and smells great and freshly baked. Bacon is crispy and egg is perfectly cooked. I guess if it wasn't for the queue this place is a really good place to hangout and chill. But at the back of my head there's still a long queue of hungry people waiting for at least an hour to be seated and probably getting as impatient as I was so have to help their agony a little and eat and run.

So thats all I can dig from all my food pictures. Looking forward to adding more to my list for brunch places. If I had a chance to fulfil a dream that would be opening a really nice brunch place, and almost everything will have bacon or can be served bacon with it *grins*


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