Sunday, April 13, 2014

Siem Reap - Day 3

Day 3

This day is exceptionally packed too! Call time is 5:00am so that we can catch the sunrise. If we knew that the hotel will do a little boo boo on our packed breakfast we could have gone down a little earlier. Note to those who want to catch the sunrise, Siem Reap hotel that has breakfast included in the room would be nice enough to pack your breakfast with you, just need to advise them the night before. Its quite common for hotel guest to leave really early to catch the Angkor Wat sunrise. Our hotel given that its new, got a little delayed with prepping up the breakfast, thus we were running late in our ETD. But this didn't dampen our spirts... off to the temples!

Bring flashlight because its really pitch black, I did like that the kept it that way, I think having lights at the temple would ruin its facade. The good spot to be in is at the left side of Angkor Wat because when the sun shows up, it will have a good reflection in the temple. Just too bad that there are hundreds of people that are already there so I couldn't take pictures without someone's hand or camera in there. It was so amazing to see the sky turn from black to purple to blue

We stayed around the area for awhile waiting for the sun in its fullest, its really worth the early call time. Manoy had a special treat when the guy standing infront of him ask for some space then knelt on his knee and proposed to his (probably half awake, but now awoken) girl friend, too bad we missed it but its likely lovely because it was a really beautiful day.

For something simple as the sunrise that happens everyday, I'm in awe. I think I don't appreciate sunrise often. Looking at the temple I remember taking a really big breath and told myself how can they have possibly done this. They were so advanced during their time, what have my ancestors done during their time?

Angkor is a circuit of temples and may take one or two days depending on how packed you want your schedule be. Our guide recommended that we take the smaller circuit given the amount of time we have. The guide would tell roughly how long do we need to spend in one temple. Not bad. Below is the list of temples we visited. It may seem that all temples are the same but each one has a unique feature to it

Angkor Wat - Its layers after laters of solid wall. It amazing how they built the temple. There was also a long stretch of wall where the story of Rama and Sita is told. We went to the

Bantay Kdei - It was was rushly done, in the end you can see the wall have toppled down by gravity

Ta Prohm - Tomb Raider! I'm so feeling the Angelina Jolie vibe. All sweaty but still hot and pouty lips. *grins*. Its the most popular temple and I felt everybody was there. So packed, everyone is trying to get a picture with the tree of life. It was crazy tourist day and we need to get on with it otherwise we won't have a good shot.

Takeo - under renovation. They were using a big tractor to rebuild the temple, I can't imagine what they used during the olden times, maybe big elephants

Thommanon and Chau Say Tevoda - small temples opposite of each other. To me it look like tombs but apparently its a library.

Baphuon - Dubbed as the worlds biggest jigsaw puzzle. During reconstructuring the temple historians disassembled it and marked the blocks. However during Khmer Rouge rule all the documentation was destroyed. No one is able to put it back (yet)

Bayon - Faces of a King. I couldn't put a smile on my own selfie - I am really tired, but don't get me wrong I'm happy (defensive).

Phnom Bakheng - To cap our day is a beatiful sunset

After a great day that seem to never end, we headed to Pub Street for dinner. I was ready to call it a night, I was beat, but a little local cusine won't hurt. What a day!


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