Saturday, May 24, 2014

1 Market By Chef Wan

I came to know 1Market when we had a colleagues financial year end get together sometime mid last year. So when I was looking for a place last Christmas to celebrate with the family, it was a nice surprise that price for 1Market is one of the affordable ones to celebrate the holiday. Buffet Buffet!

Its dominantly Malay and Chinese-Malay food, then there is Japanese, and a few Indian-Malay food and lots of sweet desserts. It was quite filling. I went for 7 rounds of small portions not to get full so easily and have chance to pick on several things that I like. I'm not a huge eater so for buffet (like this) to be worth it, I go for the 'expensive' food first as well as those that are usually uncommon.

What's nice about eating here is that I have spend it with family for the holidays


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