Friday, June 13, 2014

Tokyo - Day 2

Day 2

Ohayo Gozamasu Tokyo!

Our schedule for the day is to go around Tokyo, so we got an unlimited ride of the Tokyo Metro. The machines are quite easy to use - first thing we look for is the button 'ENGLISH', then we are all set

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Tokyo - Day 1

Day 1

Let me start by saying that five (5) days is really not enough to enjoy Tokyo, Japan. Maybe ten (10) or more days would be a relaxing free and easy, but never the less we have manage to maximise our short but sweet vacation in Nippon.

Sleepless night… It was a long day at work and the procrastinator that I am left all the packing at the last minute. Days before I would set aside some stuff I knew I wanted to bring but in the end I spent the whole night packing. In fear of not waking up on time for our flight I only took a 30 min nap then got ready for the 5:30am flight *yawns*. By 4am we were in the airport to checkin Delta. It was actually a flight to the US with a layover in Tokyo, then it was fresh after the MH370 went missing, so if you put the two together - immigration checks was a little tighter than usual.

It was my first time flying Delta. For a huge Boeing plane, its a full flight mostly tourist who had their vacation in this tiny little dot in South East Asia. Yiieeee even though I had a sleepless night and tired, inside I’m really quite excited to be vacationing in the land of the rising sun