Sunday, June 1, 2014

Tokyo - Day 1

Day 1

Let me start by saying that five (5) days is really not enough to enjoy Tokyo, Japan. Maybe ten (10) or more days would be a relaxing free and easy, but never the less we have manage to maximise our short but sweet vacation in Nippon.

Sleepless night… It was a long day at work and the procrastinator that I am left all the packing at the last minute. Days before I would set aside some stuff I knew I wanted to bring but in the end I spent the whole night packing. In fear of not waking up on time for our flight I only took a 30 min nap then got ready for the 5:30am flight *yawns*. By 4am we were in the airport to checkin Delta. It was actually a flight to the US with a layover in Tokyo, then it was fresh after the MH370 went missing, so if you put the two together - immigration checks was a little tighter than usual.

It was my first time flying Delta. For a huge Boeing plane, its a full flight mostly tourist who had their vacation in this tiny little dot in South East Asia. Yiieeee even though I had a sleepless night and tired, inside I’m really quite excited to be vacationing in the land of the rising sun

By 2pm local time we have arrived and waiting for the airport shuttle bus to the city. Half the day has already past, Japan was an hour ahead Singapore. From the airport we took the Airport Limousine which is more direct to our hotel rather than making several transfers via the Metro. Our stop was ANA Intercontinental.

I wish I could say we stayed in ANA Intercontinental, however hotels like these are not cheap in Japan. We checked in My Stays - Akasaka which was relatively cheap and decently ok. A bit old and rooms (in general in Tokyo) are small. Just happy they have a bed, hot water for shower, and fully functioning toilet *big grin*. The room was not picture worthy, and now I realise I don’t even have a picture of it *LoL*.

After checking in our hotel, we have a few hours to squeeze in some places to visit, and our first stop is dinner in Ginza. Gyuan is a really nice shabu -shabu place and have good reviews in Trip Advisory. Fortunately it was not that difficult to find with the locality map, but the door is small so might miss it from a first glance along the road.

Then off to Tokyo Tower. It reminds me a little bit of the Eiffel tower, but up close and inside its really not. It has a nice view of the city and I was giddy happy and told myself - ‘I am really in Japan! And I am with five awesome ladies’ Eeeeeee ask me five years ago this was just a dream of mine, and I haven’t been on holiday for awhile with this much people vacationing with me *smiles*.

Day 1 ended on a very happy note, started to see some Sakura flowers and trees here and there. Couldn’t wait to see the flowers up close. After all these are the reason why we also went to Japan at this time of the year.


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