Friday, June 13, 2014

Tokyo - Day 2

Day 2

Ohayo Gozamasu Tokyo!

Our schedule for the day is to go around Tokyo, so we got an unlimited ride of the Tokyo Metro. The machines are quite easy to use - first thing we look for is the button 'ENGLISH', then we are all set

First stop is Tsukiji Fish Market famous for their fresh sushi. We reached the sushi shops around 6:30am local time which is already considered quite late. You will know which are the popular tourist shops because of the really long queues. Since we are press for time, we chose the relatively shorter queue still having a trip advisory logo.

I think the reason why these shops have a queue (apart from the sushi being really good) is because they can only seat roughly about 12 to 14 pax at a time. Its like a bar table but instead of drinks, you are ordering sushi. Since there are six (6) of us, we couldn't go in all in one go but it's ok it was worth the wait. Queued roughly an hour before we all got in. Thought after I have tried one platter I can order some more however one set like the one I had with a variety of sushi is already quite filling. Friends who have told me about their experience here were not exaggerating at all, it was really melt in your mouth goodness.

Second in our city tour is Ueno Park to see cherry blossoms. Yey! We just came right in time to see these beautiful flowers. What is so 'magical' about these flowers are that it only blooms for a period in time in a year. It made our trip even more special to be just to time for it to bloom.

The weather was so beautiful, its a perfect day

And to add to our perfect day, is a cone of ice cream *yum*yum*

Though Tokyo is one of the most advanced city in the world, its still rooted with its old traditions and customs, they still have a number of Shrines in the city. One of which is the Sensoji Temple. Although in my opinion this particular Temple is so popular with tourist it lacks the solemnity or the peacefulness that I think a temple should have. A little chaotic for me

Then from the old we visit the new, Akihabara, which is famous mainly for two things - One for its electronics shops and two for maid cafe. Too bad we didn't get to try eating in maid cafe, maybe next time *wink*wink*

After we head on to Shibuya to see Hachiko and the Shibuya Crossing, famous for being the large intersection where pedestrians can come from all corners of the road. I would have liked to pass by 'Love Hotel' areas but didn't have much time. Saving it for another visit *grins*

Trying to make a last hurrah we went to Roppingi Hills just to see it since its quite close our place base on the map. Quite tired by this point so after having our dinner we tried getting a cab. Unfortunately uncle cabbie didn't want to take us in and we couldn't understand why, we are guessing it has something to do with his cab color and he doesn't drive our area. No idea till now.

This concludes our very long, tiring but fun day. I won't recommend this because we only get to see some key landmarks per area. Ideally each place can be visited for a whole day each. We were just press for time :) Definitely have to come back to Tokyo and take things at a slower pace. It was still fun though, like being in an amazing race, well actually I was in one with good friends, its was amazing


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