Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tokyo - Day 3

Day 3

Ohayou Tokyo!

We were all set to go to Mt Fuji, but as what some of my friends have told me before, vacation in Tokyo won't be complete without experiencing the Tokyo rain - gust of wind, grey skies and pouring rain. Can't say we weren't warned, Accuweather was already forecasting it days before for Tokyo and cities nearby. It was so accurate that when it was predicting strong winds, a gust of wind will blow me away, *LOL*. Ok I'm exaggerating a little. We still tried to push for Lake Kawaguchiko hoping to maybe see a glimpse of Mt Fuji, but the nice lady selling the bus ticket said that we won't be able to see anything because rain clouds will just cover the mountain

When faced with a travel dilemma (i.e. grumpy weather) there is always an alternative Plan B...

Hello Tokyo Disneyland! Hello DisneySea!

This is only the second Disneyland that I have visited in my life, the other one was in Hong Kong (not that surprising right?). Even though the rain was coming and going I think we tried to spend the most of the day as we can and LOTS of bonding time in the queue.

Drizzly and dark rainy morning... all smiles!

Under the sea...

A whole new world...

This is a looong trip down the centre of the volcano like Indiana Jones...

Our only Fast Past for the day... It was so fast, I only got to take this picture. LOL.

And after, the sun just came up till sunset. It's a beautiful day!

And then magic... Titanic

That caps our plan B day...Fun Fun! If I ever visit another Disneyland, notes to self are 1) to download a map ahead of time and tick all those rides that are worth the ride 2) Be there early and get all the 'Fast Track' tickets that I can and 3) one day might not be enough


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