Monday, December 8, 2014

Tokyo - Day 4

Day 4

Good morning Tokyo, with the beautiful weather today, the ladies went to Lake Kawaguchiko. And I was heading off to meet some friends who were also in Tokyo for the cherry blossoms. Weeeeee...

Met up with Padudels near the Tsukiji Market Station. He pulled an all-nighter to wait for the market to open and queued for Sushi dai. And was also nice enough to take some sushi for me. Yum! Yum! Lots of sushi freshness in a box.

Went back to Ueno Park, which has a lesser crowd this time and the flowers are even more beautiful in bloom.

The cherry blossom trees whose bark are strong and long, and branches like it were reaching the skies and flowers in all bloom as if it was touched by God's hands to bloom at a perfect time. It brings a good feeling to my morning

And another person who I am super happy to meet up is my bessy Van! Got to do a shopping day with her, and shopping in Tokyo won't be complete without passing by in the Y100 store - Daiso.


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