Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

Happy to Welcome 2015!

Like last year, welcomed the new year in the city streets of Singapore. But this time, was a little smart to eat dinner before heading off the city. Decided to see the fireworks from MBS

Mai, fresh from her Manila flight head straight from airport to home to drop her bags and to MBS. Jaja had only one condition, to go to a really packed and happening place to see the fire works. I think I got that ticked! *smiles*

At 12midnight comes the fireworks and a whole bunch of techy devices trying to capture the moment. Happiness!

For a moment who thought we were back home, because all the smoke from the fireworks engulfed us. Mmmmmmmm the smell of burned gunpowder.

Wishing everyone, lots of love and prosperity for the new year! Love Love Love! SG50!


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