Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cutting a Watermelon

Believe it or not but it's my first time cutting a whole watermelon, and I think I have chosen the biggest one there is. It's bigger than my head!

Trust my good friend Google to teach me how to cut a watermelon at 6:00am in the morning

Step 1  - Cut in half
I couldn't cut a straight line, but at least it has meet at some point in the incision . LOL

Step 2 - Remove the skin
It's big because it has a very thick skin. Are't we all...

Step 3 - Cut in rectangles. Or whatever shapes and size that fancies you.
And I am done! Yay! I think it's not bad for my first try

This would keep me full and happy and hopefully healthy in the next couple of days. #Healthy2015 


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