Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Weekday Project - DIY Shower

After months of asking folks for a reliable plumber to diagnose what's wrong with the shower and essentially replace it, I took an advice from a friend that I can DIY, and so I did.

I bought an adjustable chrome bar, hose, and a shower head. The guy I bought this from is quite informative, like I was initially eyeing a similar shower but he said I would have to drill new holes and cover up the new ones and also if the thing breaks again I would then have to buy a new set. He also gave me some tips how to mount this on the wall. 

The diagnosis, pipe inside the shower head broke...

Finally after an hour or two of following the drawings and slight panic when I screwed the support bar wrongly the first time, I felt a eureka moment, I did it! Woot woot!



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