Saturday, August 15, 2015

Food for Thought - Corruption Index

Happy Saturday! I think I have a thing for mid-month blog entries since the last I wrote was about a month ago... I should blog more often to stimulate my brain cells a little bit more :)

Anyway, I came across an article talking about corruption index and a survey made by a Berlin-based company called Transparency International (TI). Corruption seems to be a hot topic in the news these days, especially back home when election season in the Philippines is happening next year (hopefully).

The Philippines scored 38 out of 100 in the corruption index, 100 being the very least corrupt public sector score. Same as other Asia Pacific countries such as Thailand, India, and Sri Lanka. Ranking 85 out of 175 in the corruption index.

To be honest, I was a bit surprised that we actually did ok, better than other countries who I thought would be a little bit more advanced in someway... maybe I didn't give my motherland the benefit of a doubt. I guess my perception comes from the taxes being high, traffic getting terrible at unexpected hours of the day, and politicians being, ummm, well politicians. 

Looking beyond the problems (which everybody would have something) we have a very good population (aren't people a country's best natural resource? *grins*), infant mortality rate is ok, and literacy rate is 95.4%. In my opinion not bad for a developing country, huge room for improvement.

Of course, out of curiosity, I check where my adopted country par in this... 7th out of 175, is not bad at all.

Photo Credits: All three images are screen captured from TI website


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