Tuesday, November 24, 2015

#AlDav - Alma Moreno's (Awkward) Interview by Karen Davila

This was the video that launched a thousand meme's on how Philippine politics works...

Nearly three weeks after this interview, I think most people would have moved on to the next big news but I'm still seeing one or two post related to this. I still have a lingering thought about this...

It's so obvious minutes on to the interview that Alma was not prepared for the style of questioning that a broadcast journalist Karen is. And in as much as I was hoping Karen would at least lay low on some of her probing, she was just doing her job. It just gets awkward the longer the interview went. To be honest, I stopped watching it the first time I pressed play on my phone - it was too embarrassing!

Not that I think or don't think Alma is capable as a senator, I'm pretty sure she has her credentials and earned her position in the Leagues of Councillors in the whole Philippines, but I only think she didn't prepared as much as she should have. What does running for a senator entails other than the sign.

This interview did remind me of a job interview that I did before, this show was basically a job interview to become a senator... but maybe unlike Karen, my interviewer stopped probing which means he wasn't interested anymore. It did break my heart and my ego a little bit, but what to do, I still think I was a good fit for the role *what's eating gilbert grape*. But you can only learn from this thing...

Hope Alma doesn't get discourage, just keep doing interviews... and get a PR team who will update her with real life Philippine problems and what her platform is. It's not just all about being smart, but getting a smart team to back you up. Whoever got her that interview with Karen, just fed her to a lion's den without anything. Running for senator will definitely NOT be a walk in the park. Voters like me will surely scrutinise every running Juan and Juanita - my vote won't be cheap.

Monday, November 23, 2015

My Little Green Plot - Week 2

I got a few good things to share this week, and a few things that I am also struggling at the moment.

Things I am happy about this week:

1. Rose leaves are growing and more leaves are coming out

2. Same of the dandelion buds, maybe around 5 of them. Hopefully they bloom.

3. Pink little buds are blooming in my Kalanchoe

4. The petunia as well as the mint leaves are growing wild and strong as ever

Things I am sad about this week:

1. The petunia flower didn't bloom. It was my fault, I missed a day of watering the plants and when I got back from work I saw the flower withered like this. Lesson learned

 2. Its a shame I lost my battle with the cactus. I guess it just dried up, time to let go

 3. Struggling to make the parsley grow and not one seedling bloomed from the seeds I planted last week. I got too cocky last week, given that most of the plants were blooming

4. Same for the basil, the leaves are falling off. Its so sad! I don't know what to do *sob*sob*

Side Project: I made my first cut to the water vine plant and put it on a bottle of moscato

Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Little Green Plot - Week 1

It's almost a week now since I have inherited a handful of greens. It made me a bit happier stepping out of the house, and checking if the plants are still alive - can't have plants dying on their first week ~_~

I was so glad yesterday night when I saw signs of hope for the bald rose shrub. A long way to go but at least I know its responding to the TLC I've been giving.

And this morning when I was watering the plants, I saw three beautiful colors other than green - pink, yellow, and violet. The flowers are slowly starting to bloom *love love love*
(L-R) Kalanchoe, Carnation, Petunia

I am getting worried with my Cactus though, it has been like this since Monday when I brought it home. Looks dry and withering but I am not that ready to give up on it yet. Especially after seing my rose shrub showing signs of life.

Next challenge I want to give myself is to start planting these seeds that came with the plants... Or am I being over confident now?

Happiness in Green :)

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Happiness in Green

One of the best things I like about Singapore is that despite it being developed/urban and land space is quite valuable, it never runs out of green space. 

Living in a city that loves green it does inspire me to have my own little garden. However it is hard to have your own garden especially when you are living in a concrete building.  My thought I have seen neighbours who have managed to have a little green space of potted plants, so I too can have a piece of green heaven outside our door step. Wouldn't be that hard, right?

This plant here has been with me maybe for about five years now. It never grew out its small pot until recently after we moved house early this year. Quite surprised, good thing I decided to take it with me instead of discarding it.  It's a good sign that I may have a green thumb somewhere deep (deep) down and our new place was simply is well sunlit.

The idea has been playing in my mind for sometime now, but just never had the time to setup something. Not till a friend asked me if I was interested to take care of her beloved plants since they are moving, so I am game! Challenge accepted.

Lucky to have remembered these old wooden shoe racks stacked in the storage room just accumulating dust. I then sorted the plants, trying to group them which are plant, then herbs, then flowers.

(L-R) The thin plants are Carnations, I initially thought its rosemary or thyme because of the leaves. Then Petunias, who love the sun that's why I moved it on top of the rack. Lastly some baby Tomatoes, I want to get some chop sticks for so the stalks can standup straight.

(Top rack L-R) Starting with Parsley, recently harvested by the former owner that's why its looking bald. Then Basil, plus all the pots below are also basil, smells really awesome. And the wild looking plant is Mint, although I am not a fan of eating mint, it does have a great smell to it, fresh and earthy.
(L-R) This rack I am not so sure what are the names of the plants, I only know now that the first two are flower plants, then green plants, lastly is the rose which I am hoping I can get to bloom again.

I am giddy excited about these plants. Hoping I can get the flowers budding and the tomatoes cropping and the herbs blooming. End of the day I just want them healthy and green.