Tuesday, November 24, 2015

#AlDav - Alma Moreno's (Awkward) Interview by Karen Davila

This was the video that launched a thousand meme's on how Philippine politics works...

Nearly three weeks after this interview, I think most people would have moved on to the next big news but I'm still seeing one or two post related to this. I still have a lingering thought about this...

It's so obvious minutes on to the interview that Alma was not prepared for the style of questioning that a broadcast journalist Karen is. And in as much as I was hoping Karen would at least lay low on some of her probing, she was just doing her job. It just gets awkward the longer the interview went. To be honest, I stopped watching it the first time I pressed play on my phone - it was too embarrassing!

Not that I think or don't think Alma is capable as a senator, I'm pretty sure she has her credentials and earned her position in the Leagues of Councillors in the whole Philippines, but I only think she didn't prepared as much as she should have. What does running for a senator entails other than the sign.

This interview did remind me of a job interview that I did before, this show was basically a job interview to become a senator... but maybe unlike Karen, my interviewer stopped probing which means he wasn't interested anymore. It did break my heart and my ego a little bit, but what to do, I still think I was a good fit for the role *what's eating gilbert grape*. But you can only learn from this thing...

Hope Alma doesn't get discourage, just keep doing interviews... and get a PR team who will update her with real life Philippine problems and what her platform is. It's not just all about being smart, but getting a smart team to back you up. Whoever got her that interview with Karen, just fed her to a lion's den without anything. Running for senator will definitely NOT be a walk in the park. Voters like me will surely scrutinise every running Juan and Juanita - my vote won't be cheap.


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