Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Little Green Plot - Week 1

It's almost a week now since I have inherited a handful of greens. It made me a bit happier stepping out of the house, and checking if the plants are still alive - can't have plants dying on their first week ~_~

I was so glad yesterday night when I saw signs of hope for the bald rose shrub. A long way to go but at least I know its responding to the TLC I've been giving.

And this morning when I was watering the plants, I saw three beautiful colors other than green - pink, yellow, and violet. The flowers are slowly starting to bloom *love love love*
(L-R) Kalanchoe, Carnation, Petunia

I am getting worried with my Cactus though, it has been like this since Monday when I brought it home. Looks dry and withering but I am not that ready to give up on it yet. Especially after seing my rose shrub showing signs of life.

Next challenge I want to give myself is to start planting these seeds that came with the plants... Or am I being over confident now?

Happiness in Green :)


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