Monday, November 23, 2015

My Little Green Plot - Week 2

I got a few good things to share this week, and a few things that I am also struggling at the moment.

Things I am happy about this week:

1. Rose leaves are growing and more leaves are coming out

2. Same of the dandelion buds, maybe around 5 of them. Hopefully they bloom.

3. Pink little buds are blooming in my Kalanchoe

4. The petunia as well as the mint leaves are growing wild and strong as ever

Things I am sad about this week:

1. The petunia flower didn't bloom. It was my fault, I missed a day of watering the plants and when I got back from work I saw the flower withered like this. Lesson learned

 2. Its a shame I lost my battle with the cactus. I guess it just dried up, time to let go

 3. Struggling to make the parsley grow and not one seedling bloomed from the seeds I planted last week. I got too cocky last week, given that most of the plants were blooming

4. Same for the basil, the leaves are falling off. Its so sad! I don't know what to do *sob*sob*

Side Project: I made my first cut to the water vine plant and put it on a bottle of moscato


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