Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My Little Green Plot - Week 3

It's not so easy to grow plants... I have been telling that to myself, but it's still so rewarding learning what I can and cannot do.

I learned that some plants can be tenacious. My parsley got into a little accident when the pot dropped and spilled, but despite that I started seeing that my seeds are now becoming seedlings.

On the lesser tenacious side, my rose wilted leaves and are now balm again. I moved the pot to the other side to give the basil a little more sunlight. Little did I know that roses are sensitive and immediately the next day it wilted. Oh well, will just keep trying.

Happiness in green!


Blog Mo Mukha Mo! said...

How long have the plants been in the pots? I've read that after a couple of years the soil loses its nutrition content, so best practice for container plants is to re-pot/ re-soil every couple of years, or perhaps fertilize regularly.

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