Saturday, May 21, 2016

Single Ticket Please...

I have finally ticked a box in my to do list - to go watch a movie alone  รพ

The concept is not foreign to me as I do have a handful of friends who would watch movies alone and won't wait for anyone to ask them to watch it with. Somehow I never really felt that it was normal for me to watch a movie alone so pardon my ignorance about it.

So on my birthday leave I decided to take myself on the best date ever! 

My morning started with a home cooked breakfast then I prepared myself for a movie date - ticket for one :)

Birthdate, being too close to Valentines, I told myself any movie would do as long as its not a cheesy couple movie. Please, I don't want to be sitting in between canoodling couples in the dimly lit movie theatre. *queue song All By Myself*.  

I ended up watching something that triggers my interest with investment, which is good, something to plan for the future - The Big Short

The movie wasn't bad at all and in my experience there wasn't much difference with watching the movie with a friend or group of friends. All of you are just sitting there and watching the movie. And still there are those who talk in the middle of the movie who tries to share their unsolicited thoughts while it is still playing.

So after it all, what is the fear? There is actually nothing to fear about it... in fact I have watched a couple of movies solo after this. I've told myself, if ever I find work alone in another country I should be able to watch a movie alone. A movie is a movie.

I did share this experience with a friend, but then I was told I was in a path of depression.... what???where did that come from... #unfriend #knowItAll . hahaha.

Kidding aside, why I mentioned this is because, still, watching movie solo is not everyone's cup of tea. In the general view of things its still an exception rather than the norm.

I am happy I did it.