Saturday, November 3, 2018

Strength, Integrity, Balance - Hot Yoga Journey 2018

My intention for this November is - Strength, Integrity, Balance

I must be really crazy ain't I? 😅Not quite sure what has gotten into me. I guess after two failed attempts to pass this exam I'm taking, I just got frustrated with myself. I know I have it in me but why are things seems not to be working out.

So I took a short pause to review my life, saw that my yoga place is having a yoga journey for November, and what the heck, let's do this girl! And as an added bonus, I signed up for gym membership as well (a story for another time)

💪Strength - not just physical but also mentally, the power to withstand any form of pressure
👊Integrity - to be in a state of being whole and undivided
🙌Balance - in a calm state of mind

It has only been three days, the struggle is real but the support is amazing. Help comes in any form and prayers do help in keeping me focused. Constant reminder to myself helps as well, you can do this Jeng! Start strong, finish strong! There is a big man above that got your back 🙏😉

Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Universe Will Conspire

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” - Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

That is one of the famous quotes I know and love about Paulo Coelho.

To be totally honest, I only started to read the book recently when I saw a copy of it's 25th anniversary published book 2014 edition.

I was inspired by the Foreword that was written in this edition. Paulo told the story how The Alchemist did not initially sell when it was first published. His original publisher cut him lose, probably to cut losses as well, yet he never lost faith in his book. He went to find another publisher who was willing to reprint his book, and lo and behold, it sold thousands of books in Brazil. A few months later, an american publisher picked up the book and decides to translate it, and the rest is history. All of this happened when he was 41 years old.

I am sharing this story because just a few days before I found this book, I was running through the list of "crazy dreams" I have. These ranges from small things like being able to buy material things to big really crazy dream of travelling the rest of the world. I was asking God, being in my mid-30s would I still be able to achieve any of this? Then I read the Foreword of the book, I should never lose hope and be discouraged. I will continue to believe and work to make those dreams become reality.

So I hope whoever have chance to read this, may you also be inspired to pursue your dreams and passion, because when you truly trust and work for it, no matter how hard or easy it will be, the universe will conspire for you. 😉

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Time and Tide Waits for No Man

10 years ago I decided to take the leap and found myself going out my home and start a new. At that point in my life I have only been to two countries including this little red dot that I have now been calling home.

I am glad I did as it has opened a lot of opportunities for me especially in getting the chance to travel other countries that I could only dream of back then. I didn't know that I have a love for travelling. Reality is, if you ask me now where did all my earnings went to, then a big chunk of it went to satisfying this "love".

What I do have now has become a comfort zone. Having this comfort zone though, I did have passed up on at least two life changing (if I can call that) opportunities, which one could have been a chance to move to another country.

Time and Tide Waits for No Man. Life is only perfect I guess how I choose it to be, and today I still do have my ups and downs. I have been saying this, 2017 so far is the most challenging year with a lot of personal struggles but with that I have renewed my faith.

Things have been improving for me on a personal level - taking one day at a time. I know the quote means that maybe I would never get the same opportunity again. I do live in hope that I could still get the same opportunity or even better. We are all but travellers in this life.


My friend, if you have the chance to read a part of me, thank you for dropping by. May you find joy and enlightenment in your life. Follow the tide as it has been waiting for you.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Financial Review and Planning

First order of business in 2018...Finance Review and Planning

Today, I met up with my financial adviser. (chuchal, I have one)

Well having no background in finance and don't have much time to do my own research I really need one, and imnsho everyone should have one. Or at least someone they can trust to give advice how to manage their finances. That and doing our own due diligence. It's not bad at all when someone reminds you your own financial situation. Anyway crazy rich asians have it, then so can I *LOLS*

Based on my 'profile' [single, peak in career, peak of my age, etc.] I should be saving more, but 'should' is the operative word that I should be doing. *oopps*

Anyway, some serious discerning and lifestyle change that needs to happen. Coz I do have major plans coming up in the first half of the year... I think I better smarten up and tighten my lose belt a little bit.

Hope to look back at this entry and tell myself that I did made a good start to the year and managed to keep this momentum till I get things in order.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year 2018!

Welcoming the new year in the beautiful island of Bintan, Indonesia!
Situated south-east of Singapore, it is an easy and relatively cheap destination getaway from busy little red dot.
Decided to stay in Bintan Lagoon Resort because it already has its own ferry terminal from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal but then since the weather was grumpier than usual, our ferry had to alight us in Bandar Bentan Telani which is about a 15-20 min distance away from Bintan Lagoon Resort. Still quite convenient because they have provided bus transfers from that terminal.

Wishing everyone happiness and joy in 2018. May we all be blessed and be a blessing to another. And I personally hope and pray that my 2018 comes with a lot of personal changes - from eating habits, to going for a healthier lifestyle, career changes, more travels, happier and more positive outlook in life. I shall put the chaos of 2017 behind me and look forward to #change4DBetter