Thursday, January 4, 2018

Financial Review and Planning

First order of business in 2018...Finance Review and Planning

Today, I met up with my financial adviser. (chuchal, I have one)

Well having no background in finance and don't have much time to do my own research I really need one, and imnsho everyone should have one. Or at least someone they can trust to give advice how to manage their finances. That and doing our own due diligence. It's not bad at all when someone reminds you your own financial situation. Anyway crazy rich asians have it, then so can I *LOLS*

Based on my 'profile' [single, peak in career, peak of my age, etc.] I should be saving more, but 'should' is the operative word that I should be doing. *oopps*

Anyway, some serious discerning and lifestyle change that needs to happen. Coz I do have major plans coming up in the first half of the year... I think I better smarten up and tighten my lose belt a little bit.

Hope to look back at this entry and tell myself that I did made a good start to the year and managed to keep this momentum till I get things in order.


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