Saturday, April 14, 2018

Time and Tide Waits for No Man

10 years ago I decided to take the leap and found myself going out my home and start a new. At that point in my life I have only been to two countries including this little red dot that I have now been calling home.

I am glad I did as it has opened a lot of opportunities for me especially in getting the chance to travel other countries that I could only dream of back then. I didn't know that I have a love for travelling. Reality is, if you ask me now where did all my earnings went to, then a big chunk of it went to satisfying this "love".

What I do have now has become a comfort zone. Having this comfort zone though, I did have passed up on at least two life changing (if I can call that) opportunities, which one could have been a chance to move to another country.

Time and Tide Waits for No Man. Life is only perfect I guess how I choose it to be, and today I still do have my ups and downs. I have been saying this, 2017 so far is the most challenging year with a lot of personal struggles but with that I have renewed my faith.

Things have been improving for me on a personal level - taking one day at a time. I know the quote means that maybe I would never get the same opportunity again. I do live in hope that I could still get the same opportunity or even better. We are all but travellers in this life.


My friend, if you have the chance to read a part of me, thank you for dropping by. May you find joy and enlightenment in your life. Follow the tide as it has been waiting for you.