Saturday, November 3, 2018

Strength, Integrity, Balance - Hot Yoga Journey 2018

My intention for this November is - Strength, Integrity, Balance

I must be really crazy ain't I? 😅Not quite sure what has gotten into me. I guess after two failed attempts to pass this exam I'm taking, I just got frustrated with myself. I know I have it in me but why are things seems not to be working out.

So I took a short pause to review my life, saw that my yoga place is having a yoga journey for November, and what the heck, let's do this girl! And as an added bonus, I signed up for gym membership as well (a story for another time)

💪Strength - not just physical but also mentally, the power to withstand any form of pressure
👊Integrity - to be in a state of being whole and undivided
🙌Balance - in a calm state of mind

It has only been three days, the struggle is real but the support is amazing. Help comes in any form and prayers do help in keeping me focused. Constant reminder to myself helps as well, you can do this Jeng! Start strong, finish strong! There is a big man above that got your back 🙏😉


hasnain said...

According to the World Health Organization, clinical depression and Major Depressive Disorders impacts more than 264 million people globally, making it a leading cause for lord of the fishes

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